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Printing with Inkjet Art Cards

Innova Inkjet Art cards from £52.49 inc. vat. That’s just 52p each for the 220gsm high quality double sided art card PLUS the envelope!

When it comes to sending a message to friends or family, we think that the Innova Art Greetings Cards give that extra sentimental touch. Made from 100% cotton, the smooth natural white tone of these cards really has the look and feel of luxury and quality. Best of all, you can use your own inkjet printer to create a completely unique design for your cards. Whether you want to create beautiful bespoke wedding invitations that are just how you want them, or you want to make a one off personalised card for a loved one, the Innova cards are ideal.

As your very own digital fine art experts, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to printing on the Innova inkjet greetings cards, so you can see just how easy it is!

We’d love to know how you use your cards, and what special occasions they have helped to celebrate! Why not send us in some pictures or leave a comment below. 

Before you start, download this set up instruction sheet by Innova Art in their PDF Print guide.

  1. Design your card: – Download these photoshop templates from Innova Art on our website. The Photoshop template files contain guidelines, which will show up in Adobe Photoshop and Elements.
  2. Follow the instructions in the PDF Print guide.
  3. Search the internet for layout ideas and apps to help you! 
  4. Set up the text for the inside of the card if required. The Art cards are double side coated so your text or extra images will look just as good inside as out.
  5. Set up a custom page size (the cards we sell from Innova Art are not standard DIN sizes), but once set up, you can save them in your printer driver under the saved presets for use next time.
  6. Download the ICC profile for your printer (or use the built in printer standard setting for a smooth fine Art paper). Innova list the profile either as a ‘greetings/art card’ profile or ‘IFA25’ profile.
  7. Print, write and send! 

Your friends and family will love to receive these personalised cards in the post during the lockdown, or indeed at any other time! Now you can still celebrate those birthdays and special occasions with a personalised and custom greeting card.

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