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Download ICC Profiles for Innova and Olmec Media

Download Generic ICC Profiles Innova and Olmec Media

ICC profiles can really help to improve the quality of your printing by maximising the gamut of colours reproduced by your printer. Innova Art are the manufacturer of many brands of inkjet media: Innova Editions, Fine Art, Photo Art, Canvas, Graphic Art, YouTac and JetMaster. You can download generic ICC profiles for most printer and media combinations by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select your printer manufacturer from the Manufacturer drop down menu
  3. Select your printer model from the Printer drop down menu
  4. Select the Innova range that your media belongs to from the Paper Group drop down menu
  5. Click on the name(s) of the paper(s) that you would like to download profiles for – this will add them to the download list
  6. Scroll down to the download list and click Generate ZIP file from selected files
  7. Click Download ZIP
  8. Your ICC Profile(s) will download as a ZIP folder, navigate to your downloads folder and extract the ICC file(s) for installation on your computer.

If you can’t find your printer listed on the Innova site or the paper that you need a profile for is not listed, contact us for help: 0203 968 3333 (9am -5pm, Monday – Friday) or click here to email us.

The profiles available to download from Innova Art are known as generic profiles as they do not take into account your local settings such as monitor calibration. We have found these profiles to be sufficient for most situations, and do produce better colour matching to our screens than letting the printer control the colours. Sometimes there is an occasional need to make slight colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop to get the exact result we want in some of our images. If you are not sure how to do this, or think you may need a custom profile, contact us and we can help. Alternatively, click here for tips on working with ICC Profiles in Adobe Photoshop on the Innova YouTube channel.

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