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GOframe Collage Clips

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Compatible with GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bars and GOframe Hex Frame Stretcher Bars. Use these clips to create photo collages for wall display. Mix and match canvases of different sizes and remove or add additional canvases at any time. Each box contains 40 GOframe Collage Clips.

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GOframe Collage Clips are designed to connect a minimum of two GOframe stretched canvases and create a single display. Made from durable plastic, each clip has a built in spacer to create a standard distance between frames. The translucent properties of the plastic makes the clip blend in with the background, ensuring it is your images which take centre stage.

Ideal as an up sell item within photo stores, each photo collage created with GOframe Collage Clips can be expanded or rearranged at any time. As no glue is needed to hold the clip in place, your customers can create their own photo collages at home. Why not try supplying every GOframe Hex Frame you make with two collage clips? This will create an incentive for your customers to return for another hexagonal canvas at a later date and build their own collage.

We have tested GOframe Collage Clips and found them to be pretty versatile. We particularly like being able to expand our collection of memories by clipping photos from different events together. You can also create some pretty eye acting decor by tiling an image over multiple GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bar frames, as illustrated in the video below:


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