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GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bars


These wooden canvas stretcher bars enable you to create canvas wraps from the comfort of your own home. They have a thin edge compared to most wooden stretcher bars, creating a lightweight frame. Select a single bar length to make square frames or mix and match bar lengths for rectangular frames. Requires GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bar Corner Kit to make frames.


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The thin edge on GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bars makes them a lighter weight alternative to other wooden canvas stretcher bars. Each bar measures just 10mm thick. Available in lengths ranging from 4” (10.2cm) up to 36” (91.4cm), when purchased with the appropriate corner kit, this canvas stretching system can create frames suitable for desktop or wall display.

Each stretched canvas will have an edge depth of 1.5” (3.81cm), creating a deep edge display. Looking at the frame from the back your customers will notice the thin edge on these stretcher bars. This has benefits for them and you: the thin edge stretcher bar not only makes handling easier when hanging finished canvases, it also makes shipping more cost effective when using weight based methods.

To provide additional strength in larger sizes, meter brace bars are available. GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bars are also fully compatible with GOframe Collage Clips. These nifty little clips enable you to create photo collage displays of any scale by connecting canvases together.

GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bars can be used with any type of canvas: inkjet or eco-solvent compatible versions are available from Fine Art Foto. The heaviest weight of canvas that we have tested these wooden stretcher bars with is 380gsm whilst the lightest weight we have tried is 240gsm. If you need advice about the type of canvas to use with GOframe 1500 Stretcher Bars, please contact us.

Find out how to make a canvas display using GOframe 1500 Strecher Bars by watching the video below:


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