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New GOframe system now available from Fine Art!

GOframe Canvas Stretching System Now Available from

We love the way stretched canvases look but sometimes it can feel a little bit like too much of a workout. The new GOframe system makes it really easy to make professional stretched canvas frames in just a few minutes. No staples, pliers or pulling needed!

New GOframe 1500 Canvas Stretcher Bars

Just added to our product range, the GOframe 1500 bar system works with a specially designed corner kit. This can be reused for every size canvas frame so (as long as you keep them safe) the corners are just a one off purchase.

Working on a mix and match system, you first need to know what size the finished frame needs to be. For example if you would like to make a stretched canvas with a face size of 12” x 16”, you would need a box of 12” long GOframe 1500 bars and a box of 16” long GOframe 1500 bars. From these boxes you would take two of each length to make your frame. You can also make 12” x 12” or 16” x 16” stretched canvases – that is three possible canvas sizes from just two boxes of GOframe 1500 bars!

As the system is so flexible and easy to use, GOframe stretcher bars are the perfect canvas finishing option for your print business and ideal for use in schools and colleges for displaying student’s work.
Take a look at how easy it is, watch the GOframe 1500 Bar instruction video from the distributor, Innova Art below:

GOframe 1500 stretcher bars which sturdy 10mm thick bars, making canvases with an edge depth of 1.5”. Available in lengths from 4” – 36″, they are packaged in box quantities of 16 or 32, depending on the bar length.

The GOframe Starter Kit is an essential purchase alongside your fist length of GOframe stretcher bars. The GOframe 1500 Starter Kit includes: Corner alignment pieces for GOframe 1500 bars, archival quality glue, and extra pins. The corner kit is reusable for all bar lengths, so you only need to buy it once, pins are supplied with every length of bar so these should just be spares incase of emergency. When you need to replenish your supply of archival quality glue, it’s available from your online digital fine art experts: Fine Art Foto.

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