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New Canon Pro Series Printers – Coming Soon

Canon are soon to be extending their range of imagePROGRAF Pro series range of printers. Alongside the Canon imagePROGRAF Pro 1000, 12 colour desktop printer, the new range will include;

We are expecting to receive stock in August 2016, so there is not long to wait. As the new machines are all part of the same family, they share a lot of common features.

New Canon imagePROGRAF Pro Series Inkjet Printers Coming Soon

A few key differences and advances from the previous ranges is that the 12 colour machines now use Canon’s Chroma Optimizer system, which is ultimately designed to ensure the maximum print quality, whilst making images more robust and scratch proof. It has also been proven to widen the colour gamut across all medias.

The new machines are also using one printhead as opposed to the two printhead’s that previous models have always had. Canon have put their neck on the line by saying the new one head system is more efficient and reducing the chances of the heads clogging. Also this will reduce maintenance costs for users as despite the printhead costing 1/3 more than older models, it is only one head you need, not the two. So for larger print companies who stock printheads in case of errors, with the year warranty on the one head this will eliminate the need to stock heads seasonally.

The big fundamental change on the new Canon imagePROGRAF Pro series wide format machines is the ability to have two papers loaded at the same time. The optional dual roll feed upgrade is a big wake up call to the market. For production houses, or small print shops to be able to have an inkjet photo paper loaded as well as an inkjet fine art canvas loaded simultaneously. Not only will this save a tremendous amount of time if tracked over the course of the year, it reduces the need to purchase multiple printers. It takes the Canon machines just 60 seconds to change between roll 1 and roll 2 when printing (we all know it takes a lot longer than that to change paper in between jobs).

The Pro 4000s and 6000s with the 8 ink cartridges are still aimed at the poster and signage world. With quicker print speeds due to the one printhead, which means the carriage does not need to travel the same distance to cover the substrate, whilst maintaining the highest print quality, this machine will be a big favourite we are sure of

As well as the machines now looking slicker, and closer related to the Canon digital camera range. Black models with the red trim, they are also smaller in size, which is good to know for business’s and home owners. The size of the Canon imagePROGRAF Pro 6000S is the same size as the previous Canon iPF8400 model. So now Canon are not only taking into consideration the print quality and speed of print, but they are also being conscious to the size of the machines, which is a big help to all.

Some other changes to the machine itself is the menu is now touch screen, there is also a direct USB print slot, where you can take images from a Memory stick and print without having to use any RIP software’s or plug ins whatsoever. A great tool for Print stores using generic photo papers and wanting fastest turn around as possible.

So all in all we believe that the new Canon Pro series printers are the best the market will have seen to date.

Keep you eyes peeled for the new machines to be released. We expect mid August 2016 for stock to be available on In the meantime, you just need to decide, how big do you want to print

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