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Let it Shine – New Olmec Metallic Inkjet Photo Papers

A special image requires a special paper, so if you find yourself looking for something a little different to print on, why not try the New Olmec Metallic gloss and lustre papers?

New Olmec Metallic Resin Coated Inkjet Photo Papers

These neutral white Resin Coated (RC) inkjet photo papers have a lovely pearlescent finish with a slightly blue tone, providing excellent colour saturation, gamut and D-max. The Olmec Photo Metallic Gloss 260gsm is a very high gloss with a super smooth finish. Whilst Olmec Photo Metallic Lustre 260gsm is great if you like a little less reflection on the surface of your print but still want something different to catch a viewers eye.

Metallic inkjet photo papers are a popular choice for many photographers in the fashion market, but we think they can be used for so much more. We recently tested the two new Olmec metallic inkjet photo papers at Fine Art Foto HQ with a selection of black and white and colour images. We think the results look great!

The Fine art Foto tests were printed on a Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer using Olmec ICC profiles, available to download from Innova Art, the manufacturer of the Olmec range: It’s quite hard to see the finish of the papers in the photos, but they give a stunning, extra bit of punch to the images. They would be wonderful for wedding images too!

If you want to print on the new Olmec metallic inkjet photo papers but there are no profiles listed for your printer, simply use a media setting such as ‘Premium Glossy Paper’ or ‘Photo Paper Lustre’ and let the printer manage the colours in Photoshop. These are new papers so it may take a little bit of time for Innova to get ICC profiles listed for all printer models. We recommend that you bookmark the Innova ICC Profile download page so you can keep checking on what profiles are available for your printer model!

Keith Cooper of Northlight Images, ran a review of these papers earlier this year when they were launched as part of an extended Olmec range. Read Keith’s Review here:

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